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Why "Run this at home"?

Our Wiki contains information and detailed explanations on many stochastic models that are both interesting and challenging. We think that, after reading all the formulas and numerical code, many of you feel challenged to try out and see those models in action. This is why we at Thetaris worked hard to make it easy for you to use these models yourself.

This category lists all equity and interest rate models that you can use right at home on your desktop computer. Simulations of the involved processes can be run in our cloud and you can directly access all simulation results and re-use them in other calculations or reporting applications.

The easiest way to utilize our cloud service is via our Excel add-in solution Excel Bridge.

What is the Excel Bridge?

The Excel Bridge is a freely downloadable package that contains Excel spreadsheet templates for all of the models mentioned below, as well as a simple Excel add-in which implements usage of our cloud service for calculation purposes. A quick start guide with installation instructions is available on our web page, and a detailed guide is hosted on this Wiki.

Which models can be run?

All models that can be run are implemented in ThetaML, the domain specific language for Monte-Carlo simulation. All model executions are powered by a cloud-hosted Theta Suite simulation engine.

A list of all models that are runnable directly via our cloud service can be found below.

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