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Discover Monte-Carlo Simulation in the Cloud for Free

  • Excel Bridge Add-in Main Screen

    The Excel-Bridge allows you to easily build advanced Monte-Carlo simulations.

    Data, models and results are separated to streamline your Monte-Carlo simulation spreadsheet.

  • Excel Bridge Add-in Ribbon

    Just open a *.xlsx template from the download package, then run or customize it.

    The Add-in is completely FREE for personal and commerical use. Simply download and install the add-in in your Excel.

  • Excel Bridge Jump Diffusion

    The templates are fully configurable. Paths and mean results can be used e.g. for charts.

    Use our pre-configured stochastic models to base your Monte-Carlo simulation on.

  • Excel Bridge Option Pricer

    Change values and recalculate the spreadsheet to see the updated result.

    Experiment with the pricing application hosted in our cloud. Use it to drive clever strategies or build dashing reports.

  • Excel Bridge ThetaML

    Theta Suite is a modern IDE with powerful modeling and debugging capabilities.

    Download Theta Suite XL to create your own models and customize simulations to your needs.

Get our free Excel-Bridge add-in and start playing immediately with our predefined models in the Thetaris cloud. Many sophisticated stochastic models are available for you to integrate in your own simulation. We also showcase an application spreadsheet for pricing equity option and fixed income products!

Build Your Own Models Locally With Theta Suite XL

The Thetaris Cloud offers both popular and sophisticated stochastic models and pricers for typical equity and fixed income models. This is sufficient to show you how easy it is to do Monte-Carlo simulations with Excel, but it covers only a fraction of the financial universe.

If you like this new approach to designing Monte-Carlo simulations in a modular fashion, there comes a point when you'll want to customize the solution to suit your needs. This is what Theta Suite XL is for. Whether you want to experiment with different stochastic processes, tweak your interest rate model or add more product types, you can do it easily with basic programming skills.

Cook your own models with Theta Suite XL and run them locally in your custom spreadsheet using our Excel-Bridge Add-in.

Free for personal or academic use. For commercial use there is a free evaluation license and a commercial license available.