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Upcoming Events

Release of Theta Proxy XL

— February 11th —

Thetaris presents the patented Theta Proxy:
Provide your Excel with supercomputing power!
Theta Proxy XL is an easy to install add-in for MS Excel, which allows you to radically accelerate the processing of complex and thus “slow” formulas.

Past Events

Thetaris at MathWorks Seminar in Vienna and Frankfurt

— October 7th and 13th, 2011 —

In this specially for the Financial Industry targeted seminars, Dr Andreas Grau will give a speech on
“Computer Aided Finance: The Model-Based Design Approach
for Financial Models using Matlab's power”.
Please find further information about the event here

2. Finance Forum Germany, Kurhaus Wiesbaden

— 08.-09. June, 2010 —

Thetaris is participating as an exihibitor of this years Finance Forum Germany in Wiesbaden.

2. ISC 2010, International Supercomputing Conference, Hamburg

— 30. May – 03. June, 2010 —

Thetaris is participating as a co-exhibitor at the Microsoft booth of this years International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg. Dr. Andreas Grau will introduce there the Theta Proxy.

Playground contest 2009

— June 30, 2009 —

The online contest at our ThetaML Playground was held in June and turned out to be very popular. We thank the finance community for partaking! The winners already have been notified and now enjoy their price, which comprised three issues of the Wilmott magazine.

Thetaris presents at Frankfurt MathFinance Conference

— March 23-24, 2009 —

Thetaris is co-sponsor of this years MathFinance Conference in Frankfurt. As part of the conference programme Dr. Andreas Grau – CEO at Thetaris – speaks on Computer Aided Finance.

Thetaris hosts theme event “Financial Modelling”

— March 18, 2009 —

Thetaris is in business for well over one year, expanding despite the financial crisis. To celebrate this with our friends and business partners, we host a theme event with talks and fingerfood. Speakers include Prof. Rüdiger Kiesel (on Commodity Derivatives) and Dr. Andreas Grau (CEO at Thetaris, on Computer Aided Finance).

11th Symposium on Finance, Banking, and Insurance

— December 17-19, 2008 —

Thetaris sponsors the 11th Symposium on Finance, Banking, and Insurance in Karlsruhe.

Quant Congress Europe 2008

— November 04-06, 2008 —

Witness the latest innovations in the derivatives world at this years Quant Congress Europe. We invite you to stop by our booth and discuss what next-generation financial engineering is all about.

PRMIA event sponsored by Thetaris

— June 2, 2008 —

Prof. Christian Bender talks about “State-of-the-art option pricing by simulation”. See event description at PRMIA for more info.


Option pricing with Monte Carlo methods is often required for estimation of precise market-risk. However, until recently pricing securities with early exercise or issuer's call features remained practically infeasible in simulation settings. The main challenges for practical usage of an option valuation by simulation is the avoidance of nested simulation and the estimation of confidence bounds of the price. Using practical examples, this talk will outline the recent developments satisfying these requirements.