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Quick Start

  • After the installation for Theta Proxy, you are ready for a quick start and system test.
    Prepare a new Excel sheet with the following content:

    Step 1

    (Note: In a real application, you can replace “sin()” with any slow function.)

  • Press “Return” to make sure that the value appears in cell “D1”. Then, place your cursor in cell “D1” and press the “Train” button in the “Thetaris” tab of the ribbon:

    Step 2
  • The Training window appears. Choose 0.02 as your maximum error, set parameter ranges and press “Training” to initiate the training of the formula.

    Step 3
  • When the training has finished, the dialog appears again. The number of training samples is shown along with the time it took to collect them. You confirm the successful training with “OK”.

    Step 4
  • Now, the formula is automatically changed to "=ThetaProxy(...)":

    Step 5
  • Done. Now, we can evaluate the result accuracy. Type values for A1, B1 and C1 which are within the trained bound of 0 and 1. Then, type the original formula in E1: "=SIN(A1+B1+C1)":

    Step 6
  • Compare the results and voilà:

    The results are very close.

    Congratulation, you mastered your first application of Theta Proxy! Now, start using it with your own, slow functions and see, what Theta Proxy can do for you!