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Better models for better results

Our software Theta Suite enables users to easily define future streams of cash flows at run time and provides the technique to simulate and evaluate these cash flows over time. You may think that a solution made for investment banks and insurers is not optimal for audit firms and financial consultancies? We don’t think so.

Audit Firms, Financial Consultancies, Actuarial Services

As Theta Suite works seamlessly with quant modelers and structurers in financial institutions, it supports your specialists as well. Our solutions do not require a sophisticated IT infrastructure as those implemented on-site banks and by insurers. It optimally utilizes the existing technical infrastructure and runs evaluations of financial models in a highly optimized way. Thus Monte-Carlo valuations are blazing fast and large portfolios with millions of products can be easily run on a laptop. What makes our software valuable for financial institutions also makes it valuable for you.

From ALM to Product Structuring and Model Review

The more complex the problems you consult your clients, the more you value the flexibility and usability of our solutions. Let your finance specialists spend more time on improving model quality instead of coding the numerical details – we have taken care of that.

We support the following consulting services:

  • Consulting on Structured Products
  • Supporting corporate investment decision making
    • ALM: consulting large corporations on Asset Liability management
    • SALM: optimizing clients´ portfolios from a strategic perspective
    • M&A: conducting company valuations or valuations of single business units within large multinational corporations in the context of M&A transactions

The five pillars of efficiency

ThetaML is the programming language in Theta Suite. ThetaML has the following features:

  • Expressiveness: All features of financial contracts can be represented in a precise and compact manner, owing to the power of the coding language ThetaML.
  • Modularity: The product structure is separated from model stochastics and numerical details.
  • Transparency: It is easily comprehensible and allows for concise communication and documentation of financial product details.
  • Integrability and Maintainability: Easy integration of existing code allows to build upon previous work.
  • Simplicity and ease of use: Little learning effort is required for a computer literate.