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Computer Aided Finance

Like Computer Aided Engineering software tools used by industrial engineers to design airplanes, Computer Aided Finance supports quants working for investment banks, insurers, consultancies and audit firms in the best possible way.

Our solutions take financial modeling to a higher level

With our software solutions the process of modeling and evaluating even the most complex structured products or trading strategies looses its magic. Quantitative analysts working for sellers or buyers of structured products can focus on model quality instead of writing thousands of lines of intransparent code. Due to ease of use and easy maintainability of the models our solution institutionalizes inhouse aggregation of know-how on behalf of your long-term success.

Efficiency is getting the right things done faster and better

Thetaris wants to enable you to achieve a competitive advantage and constantly defend it against your competition. For a financial institution or corporation selling or buying structured products this means: realizing a better risk and reward structure and coping with market risk better than the competition. Our solutions enrich market leading systems (e.g. AlgoRisk, Calypso, Matlab) in the area of structured products. Rapid integration into existing system infrastructure allows our customers to immediately focus on the core of their business instead of wasting time with implementation.