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Who are we? What do we do?

Thetaris is a world-leading provider of modeling solutions for the financial sector. These solutions are designed to support quantitative analysts and actuaries to manage financial risks in the face of escalating complexity in the world of finance. To this end, Thetaris has developed a landmark method called Computer Aided Finance (CAF). Thetaris offers consulting and innovative means of intuitive modeling, detailed analysis and automated creation of financial pro-ducts. Theta Suite and Theta Proxy are its flagship products, to be applied in trading operations, development of new financial products and risk management.

What is Computer Aided Finance?

To understand Computer Aided Finance (CAF), it is best to look at the history of traditional engineering. Back in the days when manual blueprints dominated the development process, the ever-increasing complexity of models and numerical methods required a new approach to keep processes efficient.

With the aid of computers, this goal was achieved with the advent of three new technologies: CAD, CAE and CAM.

The financial industry today faces similar problems with the growing complexity of financial products. CAF adapts the advances made in traditional engineering to the finance domain, keeping productivity up and time-to-market down.


Computer Aided Design (CAD): The domain-specific modelling language ThetaML allows the intuitive design of a financial product or a complex strategy in a concise manner. ThetaML requires only basic programming skills and simplifies the interpretation and communication of models.


Computer Aided Engineering (CAE): The all-in-one modelling tool Theta Suite supports the easy creation and powerful analysis of ThetaML financial models. The development process is characterized by the separation of product structure and stochastic model, greatly improving maintainability and transparency. Interactive numerical analysis allows for efficient prototyping and testing, which results in high model quality.


Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM): The Theta Suite automatically generates efficient code for evaluating models written in ThetaML. Flowcharts representing a model graphically can also be generated automatically. Theta Suite comes with a rich set of ready to use components, ranging from common stochastic models for market parameters to standard financial products. The creation of new financial products is quicker and easier than ever before.